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Organic Baby Fashion Labels That Make You Happy

I’ve been wearing my glasses for almost three years. The frame is definitely no longer state of the art. Oh yes, and my outdoor coat now serves me the second winter in a row.

It’s really time that I get a new one. His color does not really suit me anymore. Not to mention my boots: One more season I can not really see them anymore…

Less is more

You’re probably the same: We’re always caught thinking about replacing old things with new ones. Not because they are broken, but simply because they are old. They are still working, but it’s about time for something else-better-nicer.

Not sustainable. Ecologically, this “buy-you-happy-mentality” certainly not. Just think of the mountains of garbage that we produce by disposing of working stuff!

But it’s also damn hard to escape the allure of the new – as it is so shiny and trendy in the shop windows, praised by pretty models, celebrities or fashion bloggers.

If all these delicacies were produced fairly – with less or no chemicals – the frequent change of clothes would hardly be possible, because it would simply be too expensive. A crucial reason why I (still) put on “normal” clothing. For my children, however, I also dig deeper into my wallet.

Baby Toddler Princess Dress


Organic baby clothes and organic children’s fashion

In fact, organic wholesale children’s clothing is more expensive than discount fashion.

  • No wonder, after all, materials that contain no harmful chemicals are used. This benefits the environment in particular, but also baby’s skin.
  • In addition, wholesale organic baby clothes looks just super sweet – and individually : After all, not everyone🙂
  • Another advantage is the long life: The organic children’s fashion used by my kids, I’ve still given friends whose children they still wear. The clothes hold and hold and hold.

* Bio-fashion had a long standing reputation, something… well, look weird. In fact, there are still manufacturers whose clothing is considered to be eco-friendly. The shops and producers listed below are not included😉

But now to my favorite labels!

Flower Girl Bubble Dress

I attach this manufacturer to you:


An online shop that inspires.

Kiebitz & Schneck offers so wonderful organic fashion for babies, children and (expectant) mothers that I fall into awe on every visit, sigh. In addition, cute gifts and original interiors for the nursery are offered. All in a restrained design that successfully withstands the ubiquitous squeakiness.

I personally love the minimalist animal prints of the brand iglo + indi. Incidentally, I also use similar fabrics when sewing myself. Finally, I want to create things with recognition😉

Click here for the online shop, more precisely for the children’s bag “Botanical”

Hess Natur

Is THE pioneer in ecological clothing.

The range of organic children’s fashion is considerable, but still sold out quickly. Unfortunately, at Hessnatur it is rarely worthwhile to wait for the sale: By then, almost everything is gone! (I know that from experience …)

The organic baby clothing and children’s fashion is especially popular because the most diverse materials are offered from ecological production: not only organic cotton, but also virgin wool, merino or alpaca wool and silk! Incidentally, the baby fashion is also vegan.

The designs are classically restrained: Hessnatur does not follow every trend. For this one can pass on the parts over generations😉


DaWanda is a platform for homemade.

In this extremely extensive DIY world, there is not just baby and kids fashion, but also toys, furniture, bags, jewelry, …!

Of course, DaWanda also has a good selection of original organic clothing. The special feature: the parts are mainly produced in Germany or in other European countries. Here you can be sure that no one is exploited. So you do not just buy organic, but also fair trade🙂

Click here for the online shop >>

Kids Love Wood

For all who think and shop holistically.

Granted, KidsWood. Love does not sell baby clothes, unfortunately also no children’s fashion. The only textiles in the assortment of the online shop are cushions and children’s bed linen. Otherwise, everything that is offered for sale in the shop, made of wood – and 100% organic!

Nevertheless, I mention this unique shop because it is one of my absolute favorites: I just love the design of the nursery furniture. Quite ordinary utensils – such as a highchair for the baby – are a real eye-catcher!

KidsWoodLove also has the most diverse toys – of course also made of wood. Incidentally, the wooden wheels , which are a stylish alternative to the ubiquitous Pukys, are a particular eye-catcher …

Click here for the online shop: children’s products made of wood.

Sustainable and ecological, high quality and stylish.


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